What are some poker tips for beginners?

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Poker is an exciting game that can be overwhelming to a new player. It is easy to pick up the basics, but can take a lifetime to master. Here are some poker tips for beginners that will help keep your winnings up.

1. Learn the basics

If you don't know the rules of the game, there is no way you can win money consistently. Learn how the games work, memorize what the winning hands are, and figure out the terminology. You can do this easily by downloading a poker game application on your phone, or finding the information through Google.

2. Don't be fancy

If you watch the World Series of Poker on television, you often see people make some outrageous moves and bluffs. For example, they'll go all in with nothing, based on a hunch. This does not mean you should act this way when you play poker yourself; playing this way is rarely profitable in the long run, especially if you are a beginner. Stick to a solid, fundamental strategy and learn it well.

3. Play your cards

You can often win a poker game simply by playing the cards right in front of you and not thinking about anyone else. Most people get caught up in trying to guess other people's cards, or in playing fancy. If all you do is play the good cards and fold the bad ones, you win. This is especially true if your opponents are calling a lot. When in doubt, focus on your cards.

4. Play your position

Remember that no matter what, going last is a huge advantage. You get to see what everyone else is going to do before you act. This is when you can play more aggressive, because you are in a better position than the other players. The opposite is also true; you should play less aggressive if you have to go first, because everyone after you is in position to take advantage of you.

4. Watch your emotions

In poker it is easy to let your emotions run away with you. When money is coming and going at such a fast rate, it can have an effect on your feelings, which can affect your ability to make decisions well. If you feel yourself turning red and getting hot after losing that last hand, take a break and get your emotions in check. Many people have lost hundreds and thousands of dollars playing reckless poker while they were on "on tilt".

5. Keep learning

Poker is a never ending learning process. There are an infinite amount of situations and strategies. Therefore you must be on top of your studies if you hope to do well. Serious poker players are constantly refining their game, so you must do the same if you hope to fare well. Practice with your friends, read books, and browse forums. Do whatever you can to increase your knowledge about the game.

These poker tips for beginners should go a long way towards a lifetime of profitable playing. Keep these strategies in mind when you're at the tables and you're bound to do well.

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